Moms to the four legged

My husband and I thought it would be nice to have a puppy one year after we got married. We both love dogs. So we got Lenny, a charming black cocker spaniel.

I remember the day that we went to get our puppy from a litter of about six of them. They were all at the back seat of their former owner’s SUV.

With an effort in picking “a good one”, I stared at all of them for about five to ten minutes, paying close attention to their behavior while they all played and moved around that small space. It didn’t help much, since they were only one month old and they all looked practically the same.

I grabbed Lenny.

“This one seems all right” –I thought to myself.

I will never know if choosing a different one could’ve made a difference but this one has turned out to be such a blessing to our home. I am so glad I grabbed Lenny.

It’s been four years since we got Lenny and the experience has been wonderful. Lenny is full of so much personality for a dog. He does so many predictable things that, many times, we already know what he is up to next because we have gotten to know him that well.

The joy that a dog can bring to a person is almost unbelievable. Four years into having Lenny has showed me how amazing it is that these creatures can become so attached to you and have this special bond and connection with you. We are very different species… so how is it possible?

What makes this possible is that we both have in common a good deal of emotions and can express them similarly, even though we are so different. Dogs let you know when they have missed you, when they are ashamed and when they like you (all the time). They cant’ talk but its almost like you could know what they are thinking sometimes.

You worry if they get sick. You take them to the vet. You provide food, water and recreation and you make time for them. And what do you get from them? The same love in ways they can express: excitement when you get home, sadness when you leave, someone that climbs to sit right there next to you and gives you company.

The love that a dog has to offer is really unique. But, we must keep in mind, that they also need love. Loving a dog feels like you are a parent to them and they become part of your family. By doing this, we become masters in the art of caring and in return we receive unconditional loyalty; someone that can make you smile in your darkest days and make you experience love in a whole different way.


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