A cruise is the way to go mediterranean

athensWhen you start traveling, you usually have a few things on your bucket list. Being fascinated and intrigued by what civilization has made, there were 3 major places that I had on my bucket list: Athens, Cairo and Jerusalem.

I saw this tour that included them with a few bonuses also. Greece was the major attraction of the tour –just what I wanted. You know would arrive Athens, spend a few days touring the city and then off you went on a mediterranean cruise for a whole week.

This idea was fantastic. First of all, a cruise is always a good idea if you want to save some money and still have quality food, entertainment and stay. So, if you are on a budget and really don’t need to spend so much time on the places you want to see, a cruise is the perfect way to kill those birds with just one stone.

imageThe tour included a stay of a few nights in Athens. So after a couple of days of seeing so much of ancient history and civilization that is still unbelievably standing in Athens, we took the included cruise which led us on a fascinating voyage thru the Mediterranean Sea –which is gorgeous– while enjoying some good food, recreation and beautiful sunsets views on a journey to visit Cairo, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Crete and Mykonos. All land transportation and tours were included in the package, so everything was already set for us.

imageDuring our time in the cruise we got to see the pyramids up close and personal and ride a camel, cruise on the Nile, walk the Via Dolorosa, visit the Wailing Wall, visit the Blue Mosqueblue mosque

and the Church of St. Sophia, shop and enjoy the great scenery of Crete, rent a scooter (Mykonos best tourist mode of transportation) and stroll down the hills of Mykonos to it’s beautiful beaches and take pictures of the vintage windmills next to it’s picturesque, seafront Little Venice.image Not bad, right? So much to discover and to see from this part of the world, that a cruise was definitely a good way to go.


I couldn’t forgive myself if, while in Greece, I did not visit Santorini. For that reason, since it wasn’t included in the trip, I booked myself a few nights on this astonishing island. The variety of unique volcanic beaches, the view of the Caldera and the beautiful vintage mediterranean architecture was just the best way to relax and recover from all the exciting –yet a little hectic, but totally worth it– touring that we did before.

I strongly suggest that if you go somewhere on a tour that does not have on it something that is a must see for you, go ahead and book it yourself and take the advantage that you will already be in the area. I wouldn’t take cruises or guided tours for every single trip I choose because sometimes it is better to have your own leisure time and schedule. But, in this case, I’m glad I did because, without it, It would’ve been very difficult and expensive to plan.

The most amazing thing is that I did got to see and enjoy these places with just one trip and for most of them, the time that I spent there was more than enough. However, I would definitely go back to Israel and to Greece to spend more land time exploring what they have, which is a whole lot more than what I saw. Regardless, I am so glad I already got to see them, and I am glad also that I got to visit the other countries that I went to on this trip. They were all highly interesting and fun.

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