Morning thoughts of grace to start your day


I start waking up as I notice my husband getting up from bed. He heads up to start his day—wash up, walk the dog, dress up. I go after him but I like to take my mornings slowly when starting my day. When I get up and walk out of the bedroom, the first thing that I want to do is kiss and hug my husband good morning. He kisses me and says: “good morning my love”. My first smile of the day.

I start looking around and I see my dog interrupts his eating and then tries to call my attention. He is saying good morning to me too. I pet him and say to him: “you’re so cute”. Then I look down and I look at this giant belly that I have been growing for 6 months now and my smiling intensifies.

I start my day contemplating what I am waking up to and two simple words instantly cross my mind and heart: Thank you.

I say thank you God for the family that you have given me to love and care for. Thank you for what you have provided for us. Thank you for what you have allowed us to achieve and overcome. Thank you for the challenges that you have helped us to surpass and for the growing, unshakable love that still remains strong among us.

This is how I like to start my mornings; contemplating my blessings and being grateful for them. If we could only focus not on what we don’t have, not on what we have yet to achieve, but on the grace of what we already have— we could appreciate it even more.

There is a time for everything. I really think morning time is a time to say thanks and to start our day thinking about the good things that we have— there is always something. We cannot start our days with our anxieties toward the future or toward what lies ahead because that will come along anyways. Instead, we can make time to soothe our anxieties by bringing a good perspective toward our lives when pondering over the goodness of what we already have. Our mornings are the perfect time, so that in simple ways, we can relax every day with positive thoughts while cherishing our home, our family and who we are.

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