A letter to my unborn son


I still cannot believe you are growing inside of me. Seeing those images of you on the ultrasound made me feel you were so real—a real person with feelings, needs and personality. You are such a tiny beautiful creature.Every time I feel you moving inside me, I just want to be able to hold you, to pick you up in my arms, kiss your cheek and let you grab my finger. I am excited to have you with me so that I can take care of you. I know that being a mom is not about the satisfying love that a child can bring, but about the love that I can give to you.

I see you so defenseless, waiting to open up your eyes to the world and not knowing what you’ll open them to. I’ll always make sure that you are all right. I can’t wait for what we will share together even more.

It’s amazing how so much love toward you has been cultivated in me just by knowing you exist.

I am excited to teach you what you need to learn; to see you grow into the different stages of life. You have already brought so much perspective into mine.

Because of you, I see myself as a different woman.

Stronger.  Real. Capable.

I am committed to setting the best example for you. I am committed to the best and I will not settle for anything less.

My dear baby boy, I will call you baby until you are such and then I will respect the time when you are just a kid or you are becoming a young man.

For now, we will delight in this time, were you are my baby boy and I am your mom.

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