The good and “not so good” of the 3rd trimester


You’ve gone thru all the emotional outburst that comes in the first trimester—from finding out that you are pregnant to all the sickness that can come with it (I was pretty lucky I didn’t get much of it). The spring-like season of the second trimester—where you feel pretty good and finally recover— is over.

Third trimester is here.

And as you get closer and closer to delivering your baby, here is what happens:

Let’s start with the “bad news” first:

  1. Discomfort: It seems like there is no possible way to be comfortable. Sitting, standing, lying down, none. But, especially lying down. Sleeping becomes a constant turnover, since you can only lie on your back for just a short time. It seems like third trimester really preps you for what is coming ahead with the baby.
  2. Sleepiness: Obviously from not getting the most pleasant sleep in the world and also your body is at hard work making a baby. You can get easily exhausted just from walking. I think those painful leg cramps that wake you up at night are probably from the extra weight that your legs are just not used to bearing.
  3. Hungry: In my first trimester I had a huge appetite that later settled down on the second trimester. Well, now is back but more serious. I’ve had hypoglycemic episodes even though I am eating well. The baby on the making is taking a lot of the energy from my body this trimester. The doctor recommends to have snacks in between meals and to eat well whenever hungry but keeping it healthy, of course.

The good:

  1. Those kicks get stronger: I think this is actually a good thing. I can feel my baby more and more and that makes me happy. Knowing that he is there and that he is moving makes me feel that he is alive and he is real, even though I don’t see him. Specially when he kicks and as I gently pass my hand thru my belly I can feel his little tiny feet. I feel a connection between him and I.
  2. 3D Ultrasound: You get a preety good glimpse of baby’s facial features. You get an idea of how that little person that is about to come out of ya’ looks like.
  3. Baby shopping: Who doesn’t like a little shopping? In this trimester you do a lot of it. I’ve had lots of fun buying cute outfits for him, researching about baby gear, making everything more homey for when baby comes, buying baby furniture and getting ready for what baby will need when he gets here.
  4. Baby will be here soon: This is the best part. All the discomfort that you feel during the third trimester, inevitably,  increases your desire to give birth. The reality is that he is just around the corner. I can’t wait to meet him in person and to have him next to me, rather than inside me.

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