Your family around the manger


It’s not about any other thing but about that kid.

That kid that came into this world and grew into an adult to save the world.

Through Him we have salvation, a path, a way and a map to guide our lives.

It’s really beautiful how kids love so much Christmas and parents feel so happy when they see them having fun and get excited with all the presents. Without doubt, this season is the perfect time for new thriving families to reflect upon the greatest gift that God has given and entrusted us—our family.

Think about your spouse, think about your children. Nobody else will have the sole and entire responsibility for the role that you have in their lives and that is why they are your priority. Once you grow up, become an adult, and start your own family—everything becomes about and because of them. They are not the nucleus; they are really the whole cell in your life.

The center and purpose of your life begins with who you are and what you do for your family. This is where the opportunity arises to develop our Christ-like characters, where we prove how bold we can be for love and how committed we are to God.

There are many challenges that can arise when people engage into starting a family. You will have to let go of a lot of things that are no longer beneficial and redefine your priorities, your relationship with God and with others in order to protect, to love and set the right example for those who you need to care for, lead and nurture.

So this Christmas, take a look into the manger and focus on the one who gave you the gift to have your family. Then take your spouse, take your kids and gather around the manger. Follow His life and teachings and you will all succeed.

This season we celebrate the birth of Christ; our redeemer.  We don’t have to wait just for Christmas to commemorate it. Every day we can live its meaning when we wake up in our own little nest, next to our spouse and our kids. We can remember the birth of our own family.  With God’s grace in mind we can make the right choices that reaffirm the commitment that we made when it all started—the vows we made when we gave our life to Jesus and the ones we made before Him when we said “I do”.



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