My postpartum delight: 7 things I am happy to be able do again


Nine months.

A beautiful time of experiencing the miracle of life growing inside of you. God was really graceful in allowing us women to experience it in our own body.

Nine months is exactly the amount of time that is enough for you to enjoy it because around those 35 weeks you start thinking: “ok,  I’m done”.  You are ready to get back to normal and start the new thing.

In addition to the discomfort, there are a number of things that you have to limit yourself from doing while you are pregnant. These are the things that I am happy to be able to do again after giving birth.1. Eat over medium fried eggs. That’s the way I like my breakfast sandwich.

2. Ride my bike. Exercise, stroll around, get some air. I was missing that.

3. Eating uncooked deli meats. At parties, at home, just eat it without having to heat it.

4. Lie down on my tummy. It felt so weird the first time I did this at home. I almost had to remind myself: “its, ok the baby is not in there anymore”.

5. Sleep in whatever position I want. It’s so nice not having to be careful with your body position. It’s so nice to feel comfortable again!

6. Get in the hot tub jacuzzi. Relax.

7. Hold. Observe. Kiss. Repeat. I can’t stop looking at him (my baby).

Hey, I’m a normal human being again and I have a baby! It’s awesome!


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