The GPS principle on receiving God’s favor


“You are really lucky!”

“How do you do it?”

These are some of the reactions you may get from people with regards to your success and prosperity.

A lot of people see the success but they don’t see the hard work.

They see the prosperity but they don’t know your struggles.

I know that an ability to overcome as well as hard work are requirements to succeed in life— I can sure talk about that— but I also feel that everything that I have has been entirely God-given.

You can achieve all you want and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of on your own; but your way will only be perfect when you have God’s favor in it. God-given things come at the right time, they follow the right order with abundant provision.

I’ve been thinking about how we excel in life and and I have concluded that we can do so with God’s favor when we follow these three principles.

I have called them “The GPS Principle”.

1. GO to God FIRST and trust HIM with your life, even against all odds
2. PRAY for guidance, PLAN, PERSEVERE

This last one is very important because God is able to see right through you.

On the outside you may seem Godly—you pray, seek and plan.  But, if you are not being real by entirely keeping God’s word, success will be more difficult or if ever achievable. You cannot excel without staying real and humble because God gives MORE to those who can be a good steward.

I tend to look back in my life so I can reflect and learn from what I have been through. A lot of times, while doing so, I see all the imperfections. I can see now how in the midst of all that, God remains faithful, his plan is not altered. With him, anything can be perfected.

It is God who arms me with strength,
And makes my way perfect.  Psalms 18:32

When you keep trusting God’s faithfulness, you can see how even in the middle of chaos your light won’t be dimmed. Your fire will still be burning.

When you keep your commitment with God, He also keeps his commitment toward you; even when things around are not entirely as you would want them. His is committed to YOU. The result is that even in the middle of trials you continue to see God’s blessings pouring, you keep growing and your territory keeps enlarging.

I believe that following these principles has allowed me to see God’s favor in my life regardless of what happens around me. God’s favor remains toward you, if you keep His word, even throughout the “unfavorable” experiences.

I know that God has been the author of the lines in my life and He can be the one in yours. He is able to edit it however He wants to.  Others may try to alter your story, but as an author—God has the final word on it.  Just remember the GPS principle because He always wants to write something beautiful about you.



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One thought on “The GPS principle on receiving God’s favor

  1. Your posting is not only wonderful but rings true in my life also. Having just gone through a total change in my existence it would never have been accomplished without God’s direction and my complete trust in him.

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