Blog Series: The prayer life of the new mom


A new life begins for you too when your baby is born. There is a new joy materializing with excitement. Nevertheless,  you will find yourself more busy and tired than ever.

Let’s face it: mothering a baby can be tough.

Your spiritual life needs a connection with God even when it seems that all your time is limited and restricted to taking care of your baby.  Somehow,  we need to find a way to keep connected to Him.

New moms need God too. In fact, we need him more than anything. We need his wisdom, his direction and his comfort.

The blog series The prayer life of the new mom is composed of 4 daily blog posts that start tomorrow.  The series deliver the message of how to nurture your spiritual life as you take on the job of nurturing your little one through the infant and childhood stages.

On this series, I will share with you:

  • A message on Luke 10:38-42
  • How you can stay close to Christ and make time for prayer, devotion and learning in your life as a new mom
  • Sample prayers to pray with baby

God wants to draw you closer to Him.  In the next four days you will receive a message on how to keep connected with Him while walking the path of a new mom.




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