Blog series: The prayer life of the new mom { The learning focus that keeps me closer to Jesus }


Luke 10:38-42

An important teacher had arrived to the house.  He had wisdom, truth and offered guidance.

Mary was thinking: “He is right here, right now for me. There are many things that I could do but I need him more than anything.”

In spite of everything that she could do, Mary understood the type of attention that should be given to this visitor and that ultimately she would be the one benefiting from it. Mary decided to “lock in” this time for him.

Martha, on the other hand, was glad of His presence but could not put aside everything that needed to be done to serve Him. Martha was focused more on impressing Him by the way she served.

Martha was focused on doing but Mary was focused on learning.

Martha was trying to please Jesus with the way she served Him. Mary, at the moment, was not occupied in serving but was right at the Lord’s feet; surrendered in humility to learn from his teachings.

Some may think that time consuming prayers and sacrifices are needed in order to please the Lord. Although exercising faith in these ways may bring you closer to Jesus—they won’t serve any purpose if we don’t have a learning attitude.

Mary’s learning attitude was more pleasing to Jesus than Martha’s doing.

So, what do you do if you are a busy mom that does not have a lot of time?

With all the things that occupy your time when you are a mom; your spiritual life will only survive if you have a learning focus rather than a doing focus.

God does not need long hours to be able to connect with you. He is there and He is always willing. On the other hand, in order for us to connect with Him,  we need to have our hearts ready and reachable to Him.

That’s it.

You may be focused on “doing” thinking that your big sacrifice is pleasing God but all of that may be in vain. Your heart will only be reachable to him when you come with a learning focus.  Once you have that learning focus, time becomes irrelevant when it comes to understanding God’s message.

Focus on having real connection with God, even for brief moments of your day. If your heart comes to him surrendered in humility and transparent, God can use those brief moments to scatter the seeds that will allow you to grow spiritually.

When we serve God with a learning focus, we will always have the best part—as Jesus said of Mary. Our interest in learning from Him will always drive us closer to Him.


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