Blog Series: The prayer life of the new mom {5 ways that I can lock in some time with God}


After becoming a Mom, your free time becomes very limited.

So where does your prayer life goes?

Sometimes in the middle of my chores I have found myself putting everything down and then fleeing to my bedroom, on my knees, pausing for a minute to say: “I cannot go on one more minute without having a connection with you God.”

I long for Him, I desire Him, I need him.

So even if it is just for one minute; I have to take time to open my heart to him in the middle of my day. I call this “locking in” some time with God—a moment where I can sit at his feet and immerse to learn in his presence.

Remember Martha & Mary’s story?

Mary had decided to lock in some time with Jesus when she sat at the Lord’s feet,  to listen to his teachings, in spite of everything else that she could do for him.

Locking in time with God is setting aside a moment that is guaranteed to be given to God. As Mary, we may think of a lot of things that we could do for the Lord, but nothing appeals to him more than a humble and contrite heart before him.

As you take care of your new baby, the Lord knows you don’t have a lot of time and that is ok. However, the  Lord calls us to put him first in everything we do.  In the middle of your hectic life as a new mom, there are some ways that you can set aside time to present your heart to the Lord and connect with Him.

This time will also be the one to acquire much needed guidance and comfort.

Ways that I can lock in time with God:

  1. Pray everyday with your baby. The nursing experience can be such a sublime one that you may find it perfect for prayers and reflecting on the Lord. Establish a short morning and bedtime prayer with baby. My glider has become the perfect spot to do so. While I nurse or comfort him, I pray to the Lord with a gentle voice that also soothes my baby. He is even interested in my conversation. This can help baby’s development in language and you may be surprise if he starts picking up some words like “Amen”! In your prayers, give thanks, ask for protection, health, wisdom and blessings.

2. If you need to make a prayer that requires intercession or a one on one with God; you can do this on your own while baby is taking one of his day naps.

3. Pray and praise while doing house chores. Sing, express thankfulness.

4. As baby gets older and starts sleeping more and you are more rested; you could wake up a couple of minutes earlier than your little one to have a daily  ‘God and you time’.

5. Read a passage of the bible before going to bed. Subscribe to blogs that inspire, guide and teach you on God’s word and your relationship with Christ. Listen to audio books or teachings while doing chores.

Remember, it’s not a requisite to have a lot of time but to come surrendered with a learning focus.

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