Finding happiness in the center


We all have a center in our lives. Your center is where you come from and where you always return to. The center of your life is what you rely on to make your decisions. It is your reason for everything because there you find happiness.

There are different means by which we can experience happiness. We feel happy when we are in good health and can enjoy life. We feel happy when people look after us. We also feel happy by succeeding in life or when we prosper.

It’s not difficult for us to choose our “happy-feeling provider” as a focus point to fixate the movement of our lives around it.  We could easily fall into the trap of making our sole purpose to satisfy and secure whatever makes us happy at the moment.

We can put all our efforts into pleasing that person. We desperately focus on succeding in our career or in acquiring material possessions at any cost. What we don’t realize is that those are not secure means for basing our happiness. Everything in this life is vulnerable; subject to change. What we have guarded and protected as a stronghold for ourselves could be easily shattered; leaving us with sadness or disappointment.

Our culture today focuses in finding happiness but I have realized that I don’t need to be centered in happiness.

I need to be centered in God.

The psalmist knew about this when he wrote: “He ALONE is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.” Psalms 62:2

When we thirst for happiness in our lives we need to go to the only true ever-flowing fountain. God is the only one who can satisfy our soul. All the other things or people that create a feeling of happiness in your life could never fill the void that is meant to be occupied by God. They may bring contentment, but only God can bring joy that is unfailing. You may experience disappointment in your relationships, in your career or in any aspect of your life, but God is the only one who will never fail you.

This is why God ALONE needs to be the rock where I base my happiness.  He is the beginning and the end. He should be the one that I always come from and the one that I always return to.

When God is the center of my life everything else falls into the right place. And If I find myself disappointed by others, stumbling upon achievement, weak or in need, the Joy of the Lord will always be my fortress.

When God is the center of my life, I don’t need to focus my energy in finding happiness.

I just need to be centered in Him.

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