When our feelings toward others take the place of God’s love


Sometimes even though we may love Christ and feel loved by Him too, there may be areas of our hearts where we have not allowed God’s love to reach.

Those areas are the empty corners left by unhealed heartbreaks. The emptiness of those secret places in our hearts may leave us with a desperate need for affection and comprehension. In the search for fulfillment, we may put all our hopes in our relationships or may even go beyond efforts with those who have hurts us.

Healing and true freedom will never come this way; you will only stumble upon a new disappointment.

God can reach those empty corners when we give up our need for others and realize that He is the only one we truly need. When I allow God to fulfill my emotional needs, my relationships take the right order. I stop being emotionally dependant on the love that I receive from a spouse, a son or a daughter, a parent or a spiritual leader.

Jesus said to the disciples:

“Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”  Matthew 10:37

Tough word.

It’s difficult to process that what we feel for our loved ones, although it may feel harmless, is not untouchable.  Even though these words have a meaning, which should not be taken it to an extreme, it’s clear that we must learn to love God above all.

We must evaluate are hearts parallel with our relationships while being careful that we are not attributing to people the feelings that pertain to God. We are commanded to love, but we cannot satiate our emotional needs from the love we give or obtain from others, only from God.

God is the only one on whom you can deposit a sentiment of dependance and need. You could loose everybody in your life, just like Job did, but you will still have God.

I am nothing without Him, but I can do everything with Him.

When God’s love has occupied every corner of my heart, He is proclaimed its owner. My identity and sense of security is based exclusively in knowing I am His beloved.


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