How a mom grows


Lovely sounds wake me up in the morning, now that my baby can use his vocal chords to make sounds other than crying. He makes melody sounds and babbles as he moves around playing in his crib.  No matter how tired I can be, I wake up with the same feeling that I had after putting him down to sleep. I ponder with excitement of the time that we will share with the new day.

Every day is a new surprise in my baby’s life and in mine. I play a new game with him. I see the expression that he makes while trying a new food. Or, I see him finally reaching that new developmental skill that he has been working on lately.

Each day I see what progress and advancing another step forward looks like.

Is he the one discovering the world or am I?

We are both discovering. I now get to see what is like to be a baby, to learn, to grow and to mature in sensorial and motor development.

As miraculous as it felt to feel him grow when he was created inside me, it feels now to see him grow right before my eyes.

I am discovering what is like to be a mom. To feel a love never felt before and I recognize how I play the biggest role in shaping his life.

 I am the one that can help him and protect him. I am the one that can teach him and I am the one he looks up to.

There’s a lot of responsibility in being a mom, but if we take the job seriously,  this job will make us better—when we keep in mind how much they rely on us.

We can become better women, better human beings and the model they need to see.

While they grow, we can grow too.

We grow into what they need.

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