Baby Friendly San Juan, Puerto Rico

When choosing where to vacation, choices can be limited when you have a baby. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer and I find that San Juan is a great area for vacationing with a baby. Everything is accessible and close: the store, supermarket, pharmacy, attractions, restaurants, mall and the airport. 

I went back home for the first time with my baby and took some iphone pics as I went by Old San Juan; one of my favorite places in the world. These pictures have not been edited, they are just purely vibrant images thanks to the Caribbean sun and colors.

With baby on the stroller, go on walks right next to the ocean listening to the waves. 

Enjoy the historic city of Old San Juan where you can visit museums and parks, shop and find many international restaurants while walking thru the picturesque buildings and brick roads. 

There are many beaches that have very shallow and serene areas, perfect to sit at shore with baby for a little while. 

Lay down with baby in a hammock for a soothing moment and enjoy the caribbean breeze.

Drink piña coladas of course! The authentic, best ones.

No tours, no pressure. Do what you want at your own pace and RELAX.

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