The perfect smile

imageIt’s the only smile that holds the capacity to awaken the most pure and honest emotions of happiness.

My baby’s smile.

Who wouldve thought? After many years of living and smiling for different reasons, never before have I had the feelings that I get when my baby smiles at me. It’s a totally brand new feeling and that is why it’s so interesting. I can  identify it because I’ve never felt this before.

This feeling cannot be generated by whims, flirting, vanity or any other relationship in my life. It’s the feeling that a mom gets after seeing her greatest desire—the wellbeing of her baby.

You don’t even have to take effort into it. You don’t even have to think about it.  When my baby smiles, automatically, my facial muscles also contract so that in my face also a smile appears.

It’s like a reflex.

It’s in that moment when my mind fixates entirely in this precious form of communication that exist between a mom and her baby—the exchange of smiles. Because with just one simple facial expression we can say so much like: “I love you”, “thank you”,  “so glad to see you”, “I miss you”, or “you mean the world to me”, among other sweet things that we seem to say when we smile at each other in such a way. And we understand each other well.

Those smiles provide for an ideal moment accompanied by playtime, songs, giggles and clapping—as the opportunity spontaneausly arises. Something almost incredible; something never experienced before. Who would’ve imagined that such simple smiles could provoke wonderful feelings and interaction between a mom and her baby?

And I forget about everything.

The world stops and for several minutes I enjoy an ideal moment.

Stress-free. Worry-free. Free of everything.

Because in that moment, right in front of me stands everything that really matters in life.

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