Accent ideas to fill the nursery room with meaning

Pregnancy and birth are filled with so much history and meaning. Here’s are a few ideas of things you can gather to make the most beautiful and exciting room of the house even more meaningful.



fullsizerender-31. Add a keepsake from the hospital or the day the baby was born. I have this cute frame that has a picture of him wearing his going-home outfit and I keep in the frame the shoes from the outfit. Another idea is to frame those hospital wrist tags of both mom and baby (sometimes dad gets one too). You can frame it along with baby’s ‘first day in the world’ family picture.



2 .Frame the baby’s ultrasound pictures and display them in order of progression.




3. Incorporate meaningful things or memories about the parent’s relationship. For example, I had some ribbons from my wedding invitations and I used them to decorate the drawers of the changing table.




4. Display your maternity pictures in the baby’s room.





5. Incorporate quotables to the decor.








6. Add an item that speaks about mom or dad. My husband likes to skateboard since he was a kid and he had this nice board that wanted to hang somewhere around the house. Guess where it ended up. The baby’s room, of course. It looks like its saying I’m going to be cool like Dad”. It’s a nice idea also that if the baby is a girl you can add something girly that talks about mom.




While you are nursing, changing the baby or just playing,  you will look around to beautiful memories and inspiration.

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