Best Baby Food Prep Methods and Gadgets

Thinking about starting to make homemade baby food…Here I show you the best and most useful methods so you can simply get ready and organized with what you will need.

1.Steaming is a very good method for cooking poultry, salmon and veggies since it provides maximum nutrient retention, it’s easy and quick. You can use a regular steaming pot; being able to boil food on the bottom, like rice or pasta, while steaming on top is especially useful for preparing the later stages of baby foods. For making purees that contain beef you can cook beef stew meat cubes in a slow cooker or regular Crockpot. This method cooks the meat very soft and tender. You can cook the veggies along with the beef in the slow cooker also. It’s a good idea to make a variety of different kinds of baby food that will be enough for the whole week. Follow pediatrician’s guidelines and the basics on which foods to start first and how to continue adding foods to the babies diet according to baby’s age.

2. Get quality produce. It’s expensive to buy everything organic but you can limit yourself to buying organic what is best to keep on the safer side and this will strongly benefit your baby’s health and diet. The dirty dozen app gives you a list of produce with the highest pesticide load and these are best to buy organic for this reason. Buy vegeterian-fed, never given antibiotics or hormones, cage-free poultry.

3.Puree in blender with distilled water for desired consistency according to baby’s stage. Fruits that do not need to be cooked can be placed directly in the blender for puree with some water.

4. The Little Sprout Pop Out Portion Baby Food Trays are perfect for freezing in the first stages of baby food feedings.Each portion is equivalent to one ounce, just what baby will be eating initially and then gradually increasing. The frozen baby food easily pops out of the compartments. There are 18 compartments in each tray giving 36 total compartments in set of 2 trays.

little sprout pop out baby food tray


5. Once baby food cubes are frozen place them in ziplock freezer bags and label the date it was cooked and the type of food. Baby food is kept safe in the freezer for up to 3 months.


6. The Oxo Tot Containers are very good for storing, defrosting as well as freezing baby food. Once baby food cubes are ready to use you can place them in a container and defrost over night in the refrigerator or you can also defrost or warm by placing the container in a bowl with some warm water. Once baby is eating more ounces of baby food you can transition from freezing on the trays to freezing straight in the oxo tot containers since they come in 2 and 4 ounces.




7. The Munchkin Bottle Warmer is great for warming up baby food in the containers. It is super fast.. .90 seconds.. and efficient. The oxo tot containers fit well into the bottle warmer. You can also use the small, individual Crockpot Warmers to warm up the baby food, but it takes longer. Think about 30 minutes or more to warm up the baby food in the crockpot warmer and you can place the baby food directly into it’s own container. I have used it only a few times when I have needed to defrost right away to feed, but I prefer to defrost in fridge and then warm with the Munchkin bottle warmer.



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