Unfair & Unseen

Genesis 16

Hagar was a handmaiden, a servant or a slave. With all the things she might had to put up with, she had never experienced what may be considered the abuse of a woman who was desperate to conceive. Hagar fled to nowhere, feeling miserable. Her desired for relief from what she was living next to Sarai overcame the frightening idea of being alone and shelterless with an uncertain future.

God interrupted Hagar’s escape and asked her to return to Sarai. Can you imagine? God was asking Hagar to go back to what had aggravated her so much and made her run away in the first place.

There are many times that life may seem unfair and while we work hard in doing the right thing, those who wrong us seem to get away with it. Sometimes it may seem that nothing is in our favor and that God is far from being fair with us.

I have certainly felt that way.

Against my thoughts of unfairness I have been confronted by these questions:

“Was the cross fair? Everything that Jesus had to go thru in order to die for us…was it fair?”

God’s justice is not limited by our present circumstances because devine justice takes place in an eternal dimension—one that we may not be able to understand in this world or in this earthly body. God’s eyes have the full 360 degree, 4D view of everything that is going on around us as well as inside us. Nothing is left unseen and without account by the Lord—even when our current condition cannot reflect that.

Along with the difficult task of facing Sarai once again, God gave Hagar a blessing and a promise. When no one had noticed her, she met the One who had seen her. To the world—or even to those who are next to us—we may pass unobserved, but God sees us with great interest and attraction. We are never left unseen in the eyes of the Lord.

In the middle of unfair situations I remind myself the name Hagar gave to God: “The God who sees me”. I know that if He sees, He will also do according to his promises. It is not for me to determine what is fair or not. God is fair. It’s in his eternal justice where fairness will be manifested. As for me, I will seek to obey God in being righteous.

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