Salmon, peas and mashed red potatoes homemade baby Food


Best for babies 8 months+

1 small peeled red potato

2 ounces sweet peas

1 small piece of uncooked salmon, about 2 ounces

Cut salmon into small pieces. Marinate salmon with lemon. Slice the Potato. Steam the peas, salmon and potatoes.

Makes about 7-8 ounces.

Inspect salmon for any fishbones. Puree salmon and peas in blender. Add small amount of water to liquefy to desired consistency. For older babies, process minimally leaving chunky bits of pees and salmon.

Mash the potatoes with a fork.  Mix the mashed potatoes with the puree or, if baby is ready, you may not process at all in the blender. Just flake off the salmon and add it with the peas to the mashed potatoes and let  baby enjoy a serving! May freeze individual servings in containers.

Although salmon is a low mercury fish, it’s recommended to limit the intake to one meal per week for babies.

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