Moms to a baby boy

I remember when I was getting my second ultrasound. He looked like a little tadpole the last time I saw him but know there was a perfectly formed human body inside my body.


What was even more thrilling about this ultrasound was the fact that  I was about to know the sex of the baby. I always thought it would be nice to have a boy since I was already full of nieces. In my family, the XX chromosome has always predominated.

I never thought that I would get that chance to have a boy, so I didnt wanted to get my hopes to high. Well, you can imagine my surprise to know a baby boy was growing inside of me.

It hit me! This was for real.

I looked at my husband while still laying at that examining bed with my son’s ultrasound picture in front of me and with tears of joy I told him: “I dont know nothing about boys”.

My husband raised his hand and said: “I’m a boy”.

Although real funny, that did not braught any insight to my dilemma. We weren’t assuming this parent role the same way.  He is the dad and I’m the mom. I still thought it was different—and that’s precisely the issue—it’s something completely different.

I left that room with the excitement of knowing the role that I was about to assume in a boy’s life. I felt happy to know that I had something completely new to discover every day in the lifetime of raising my little boy.

With only 10 months old, my baby already has a personality. He walks, plays, sings, laughs and reacts. He looks at me. I look at him. We are already able to communicate and understand each other and with all this, I’m starting to get a lot of that wondeful connection between a mom and a son.

It’s lovely.

It’s almost like you have this little crush on him. Well, I think that he has a little crush on me too. At the same time, you feel that with everything you do, you want to help him grow into the best man he could ever be.

I can’t help to ponder about how even more interesting it will be to trascend this relationship into his life stage.

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