Prince Charming Birthday Party

Here’s some ideas from the birthday party I crafted for my Prince Charming. I think the baby blue color is excellent for the first birthday. Keeping it baby while I still have one!

made-1-of-63 made-2-of-63

Just buy that crown puncher and put them everywhere!


marshmallows, rice crispy treats and milk bottles (although I actually did milk shakes)



capes and crowns for the boys: I added little crowns to the capes too!


tiaras, wands, and accessories for the girls

crepe paper background and lots of baby blue and gold balloons



Simple centerpieces: large latex confetti balloons with a crown on the the table

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One thought on “Prince Charming Birthday Party

  1. Todo bello y espectacular!!!!! T felicito amiga por tan lindo trabajo! Me encantó el motivo d príncipe 👑 para el primer cumpleaños d Adrián!!……. y el bizcocho quedó d show!! Ya se a quién puedo consultar para q las fiestecitas d mis sobrihijos queden chulísimas😜

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