At the end of yourself, miracles happen

You think you’re ready to give up but after a while it turns out that in your deepest core, you can’t give up.

I value that.

When you have put it all before God, if you’ve reach that point, I think God is telling you He won’t give up also. It may actually mean He is barely starting.

When you’ve kept your performance at a hundred percent all the long way and still you’ve reach what seems the end; what  happens? When you feel that you have giving it all to God and you scratch your head thinking: what else? It may be the time where God steps in to the areas where He couldn’t get in before.

You’ve reach the end of yourself.  At this point, you don’t have any strenght, it’s impossible to keep trying. Good thing God specializes in making miracles when it comes to strenght.

It says so in Isaiah: “He gives power to the faint,
and to him who has no might he increases strength.” Is 40:29

He says that he multiplies strenght to those who have none. So, out of zero, nothing,he makes something. If you wonder how you’ve managed to pick yourself up again and incorporate yourself; understand that it wasn’t your ability to do so. That strenght came from God.

The end of yourself is a place where you submit everything to the Spirit, starting with yourself. From this point on you know that only God can move you forward. Your comftable being blind, because you are relying completely on Him.

The end of yourself is that point when you feel that you are just not ready to give up on your faith, even if you have nothing.  At that point, your faith is reformed to become an unshakable one and because of that, you start seeing miracles— the kind of miracles that occur within you.  And then you realize that’s the start of a different story.

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