Jenilee introduces The Altar Place

Hello everybody! The name of my blog has recently changed (previously After I launched my blog the first time, I was praying for a concept that reveals the message of the blog. This new concept has been born. It’s all about Him!

I want to share this short devotional with you today:

Changes will come wether we want them or not. God has a message for us and a purpose amidst the many changes we face.

Pray with me today like this: “Dear God, allow me to rise up to the demands of all the changes that I am facing today, the way that you want me to. May I grow thru them. I come to you because your power is made perfect in weakness.”

Thank you all my current followers for the support during these two years. I pray that you will be blessed with the message God delivers to you thru this blog.

I introduce to you: The Altar Place!TAP-FB-TW-Color

This is your place!

I invite you to look around. Read the page: “Learn what this place is all about” so you can get acquainted with the concept of the blog. In the next hours I will be launching the blog in social media but I wanted to give you guys the VIP pass. We have a couple of giveaways coming up with our newest content!

Don’t forget to share The Altar Place with others and help us reach more with the message of God’s kingdom!  Leave a comment in this post with your thoughts toward The Altar Place. Thanks again for your support! God bless you!

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