The women that say: “Being a mom is hard”

“Being a mom is hard”, I’ve heard that before. In fact, I heard it this week on a conversation that I had with another mom.

If you are the mom that portraits her splendorous mom life in social media, you probably won’t enjoy this post. But that’s okay, because this post is for the other moms who need to know that their life may not look like that, but they too are valuable moms in the eyes of

If you think you got it straight, you probably have it wrong.  From the moment that a baby is born, motherhood places a hard test on a woman.

I remember the day that I was on my way to the first pediatrician visit after giving birth. I was next to the baby in the rear seat while my husband was driving. For a minute, I zoomed off to another orbit and my body felt like a zombie. I had never felt that before and it seemed that, while I could, I had allowed my body to really feel what was going on.

It’s a lot. In the year that I have become a mom, I often think about the one who is doing this alone, or the mom that has financial problems, or a physical condition, or the mom who wasn’t planning on being a mom or doesn’t have any support. In some way, the moms that I know have comed to my mind and I have also empathized and feel compassion about many women raising kiddos that I get to know every day.

If you are having a hard time but desire to be a good mom, please remember this words of truth. Let me start with telling you that God allowed you to become a mom. There are many woman who cannot conceive and yet God placed life in your womb.


Life is an opportunity for something new to be born in you and God intended this to bring JOY into your life. As hard as it may be, motherhood brings many joys into a woman’s life and you can enjoy them.

If God entrusted you with the ability to carry LIFE, understand that you ARE capable. When you choose to see motherhood as a blessing, it also becomes the reason to rise up to be a better person every day. The struggles of life will not stop when you become a mother, but neither can the joys of motherhood protect you from them. However, motherhood can be the defining agent that strengthens the character of a woman by reaching the most vulnerable parts of her soul; if we let it.

Motherhood becomes a compass that drives a woman with purpose. When you understand that another person’s life is totally dependent on you, you see yourself as the sole and only person responsible. There’s a huge amount of accountability that is soothed by the thought of being blessed and gifted.

I am one of the many women that the views about her life and herself has changed after being a mother. My life or my struggles did not changed. My decisions, priorities and NORTH did.

I don’t put up with the same things that I did before, but at the same time I cut myself a much shorter slack— because I am striving every day to be the best of me and to live the best life for my child.

If you are aware of the huge responsibility that you have while wanting to make it right—you won’t take this experience for granted. You then have reasons to say: “being a mom is hard”. And you are totally right because you are in it for what it is. You know that it’s not about you or about what you can get from it.

It’s about a wonderful ministry that God intended to give you as woman. In the process, he speaks to you about love and about dependance on Him. He reaches out his hands and lifts up your head and tells you: “look at me, I’m the model you need to do this.”

This is what motherhood is all about. This is what God wants to do in all of us who call ourselves mothers. He can do a great deal of work in us when we think about it this way.

Dear Mom,

It doesn’t matter where you are today don’t loose your sight of how God has chosen to bless your life as a woman. That little child is the seed of God wanting to shape you and do something wonderful in your life. As hard as it may seem, with God as your NORTH, you can embrace it.

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