God’s destination for you is your purpose.

I never really payed much attention to the word purpose in my life until recently.  The word purpose has resonated in my life in companion to the series of my life events and development. The picture of my creation, my formation, how I came to Jesus and what has happened in my life has collided to give a sense of not my past, but my future. 

And it’s not that tacky line of: “God has a purpose with you going thru ___ “.

Whenever I hear purpose, I get an understanding of where God wants to take me because I feel God’s calling growing stronger in my life. I cannot say that whatever has happened in my life was chosen by God for his purpose because what happens in my life is also a result of my choices.

What I can definitely say is that, in the middle of absolutely everything, God has wanted to influence me toward his purpose. When you think about it this way; the word purpose becomes an echo of God saying “This is where I want to take you”.

God’s destination for you is your purpose.

Before we start getting too exited about linking the word purpose with a big ministry or inmense financial wealth, lets define what God’s purpose is.

First of all, Gods purpose for each and everyone of us is: salvation, to be more like Him and to contribute to His kingdom. In that order. This is where God wants to take you, this is your purpose and your destination.

God doesn’t necessarily choose what happens in your life but He will work in the middle of that to show you his salvation, to teach you how to be more like Him and to give you the gifts and resources to contribute to His kingdom.

When you start seeing clearly where God wants to take you, you realize that God is making big efforts in the path that you have traveled in order to fulfill that purpose.

Keep in mind:

  1. Your path can only contribute to your formation if you are clear of your destination.
  2. When you have to cut back on, let go, or change some things in your life, it’s because what you have won’t contribute to what God is trying to do with you.
  3. Resistance in the path will only delay your journey. You only get to the destination with entire submission to the Spirit.

Until God’purpose drives you, you will just wonder around a life dominated by your own ego, by others or by chances. But, when you see life with God’s purpose, you are not afraid of the path or the change. You only want to do his will and that’s exactly how living with purpose feels like.

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