Answering the Call: Saying “Here I am” to the Spirit

The spirit calls our heart whenever we need to get closer to God. You get that bold feeling to be on your knees and to surrender entirely before God.  Your willingness is suddenly contrasted by the reality of the moment, lack of time and energy. Most of the time, we end up, giving the Spirit that auto-reply: “Sorry, I can’t talk right now” “Can I call you later”. But, do we actually get back to Him?

The Holy Spirit invites us to have that intimate moment with him when we actually need Him the most. You may not even see it, but you are probably in the need of some deep spiritual soul work.

So, when you get that call, make sure that you answer it. Overcome the interference and say “Here I am” to the Sprit. He is just waiting for us to give him that moment and once we do, he is ready to pour in us healing, faith and strength.

When the spirit touches your heart, you feel very different than when you’re being your plain-old flesh self. Reminiscing upon the times that I’ve had  in prayer and worship under the spirit, I’ve seen the barriers come down upon my need of God. I was able to see the possibilities without knowing how or when. I felt confident and strong; I had faith.

I should have this every day, but I don’t because I let my schedule and tiredness get in the way. However, if I want that spirit-filled life every day, I need to make giving in to the Spirit my priority. There’s always some time to give to God, but it is up to us to say yes and move proactively toward that time.

I shouldn’t wait until I receive that call. I should seek him every day. When I don’t, that call means Im slipping too far away. Because I need him, I consider that call a courtesy one—an urgent reminder.

You need to meet up with him. Right now.

A great deal of spirit-filled change can occur in those times when we surrender ourselves before the Spirit. Reason enough for that to be the priority in my schedule; every single day.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart .”  Jeremiah 29:13

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