It is God who gets you through it

We tend to ask questions like: “Where was God when this happened?” or “Why has this happened if I follow you God?”

I am never asking myself those questions. EVER. Here’s why.

In the middle of immense pain and desperation, when Jesus was crucified at a point he cried out in pain and said: “God why have you abandoned me?” I really just love the God side of Jesus, he knew everything, he knew that his hour will come to die. But, the human side… the human side of Jesus was the one saying this and the one letting us know what we are going though because Jesus experienced it all—betrayal, grief, sadness, pain.

There’s a part of us that for some reason creates the expectation that because we serve God, we will not get sick, experience any sadness or calamity and that rather we will be happy people and nothing will ever go wrong. God never promised that. He actually stated that in this world we will be afflicted, but that we should trust him because he has overcome the world. Then why do we ask ourselves how come this bad thing has happened to me?

Our expectations on how we see ourselves as bielevers in this world need to be changed.

When Kingdom comes, that’s when we’ll be happily ever after, untouchable. Until then, we are not untouchable. We are overcomers.

What God has promised is to be a father, a friend, to give you peace, to provide and to be with you.

When you are in the valley, you can find yourself asking those questions. Many why and how come questions that I’m never asking again because God has showed me the answer.

It is in the deep, deep valley who God defines himself for who he is in this broken world to us. It is there where I found myself again with these promises of God and now I know that only he could get me through it.

The outcomes that we achieve in the spiritual world when we’ve gone through these valleys are the victories that are promised to us. Outcomes of a life restored, a joyful spirit and a clean heart are examples of what can only be achieved with God by your side. Looking back I already know I would have never made it like this if it wasn’t for God’s presence in my life. I assure you, it wouldn’t be the same.

When you are tempted to ask, “how come?”… just say “Until Kingdom comes”

The answer to where God is, I already know, He won’t leave our side, making it all possible so that we can make it through it with victory!

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