No more half-filled or half-empty; Fill me UP

Today I had 10 minutes that I didn’t expected to have. I decided to give those 10 minutes to God as I am working on giving him more time and the priority of my life. Oh how many things God can do in just 10 minutes, you’ll be amazed!

There are barriers that can come down. If we just come recognizing our need for Him, He will fill your cup once again. In this world, we can’t afford to walk on empty on the spirit. We have been attempting that for so long, but we won’t succeed. But i we come to him, recognizing that we cannot go on without his spirit in our lives, he will pour down fresh anointing that fills our cup until it overflows.

God is calling people that recognize that walking in this world without being filled with the Holy Spirit is pointless. People that refuse to walk in this world, that is so much in need, half-empty or half-filled.

It an be very challenging to sometimes find the time to connect with God, but today I realized that God really wants my time, he doesn’t need much, because as long as I am all in to let him work in him, he’ll do wonders in his spirit!

Will you take the challenge from now on and say: “Here I am God. Fill me up because you are all we need.”

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