A simple bedtime prayer for a baby toddler to learn

When my son was 18 months I  thought it was a good age for him to learn and see what prayer was. So, one day I made it up this simple prayer and made it part of our bedtime routine. I would put my hands together and be with him on my knees at his height level and just say the prayer. He would just watch me as I said the words.

When I got to the Amen part, I was very empathetic in saying “Amen” and made a forward movement with my  hands. I noticed that my son really liked the Amen part and it caught his attention. Every night I would say this prayer and he would smile and giggle when I said Amen. In a few days, he started saying “Amen” with me at the end of the prayer. I added some more interesting parts: I shook my head a little when I said “all night”.

By the time he was two, he had already memorized the prayer and could say it by himself. He’s about to be three now and he still says the prayer with me and LOVES the “AMEN” and “all night” part.

It’s never too early to introduce our little ones to prayer and to a relationship with Jesus. This was a simple prayer that my son was able to memorize very quickly so I want to share it with you. It goes like this:

“Thank you Lord, for this day

May we sleep well all night

Keep us well, Lord

In Jesus name, Amen”

I have kept adding things as he has learned it. Now, at the end of the prayer, we have a little worship session. We raise our hand and waive it side to side while saying: “Glory to God, Hallelujah!” He absolutely loves it and I love to see him praising God. I have also started explaining that God is our father and that he lives in the sky and in our hearts.   Little by little we can start teaching them about Jesus as they are able to understand. I’m excited to teach him this year about the Nativity and Advent during Christmas Season.

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