Today’s praise songs for both kids and parents

By age 3, I’ve confirmed my son loves music, singing and dancing. At about 7 months old he was already trying to follow along the melody of songs and trying to follow dancing at 10 months. At one he was dancing like crazy and now he literally pulls me over saying “mom, lets dance”. He now learns songs really fast and he picks and asks for the ones he likes. It is no surprise to me how much he likes music, both of his parents love music, so he probably has it wired somewhere in his genes.

Of course he likes the itsy bitsy spider and all those other songs but he also likes contemporary songs and beats. So it got me thinking: “ok, how can I use that right now, so that he can learn to praise Jesus.” I started looking out for songs that he might like and playing them to him and he did liked them and started learning them. Best part, they are fun, cool and talk about Jesus. Older kids will like these songs even more, you can praise together with them. If you are a parent that wants to influence this worship and praise foundation over your kids, stay tuned, as I will start sharing some of the songs and videos that your kids might enjoy singing and dancing to.

First one:

This song came in my radio, and after it ended, my son said: “Again”, so we’ve been playing it over and over and he loves it. Best part, I found an awesome lego video with it!

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